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CHILL Gas Launch their Boiler Protection Plan

CHILL Gas are delighted to be launching their Boiler Protection Plan.

This is something we have been working on behind the scenes for some time and we truly believe will be a great asset to our customers.

What is the CHILL Gas Boiler Protection Plan?

The Plan gives our customers the reassurance that if their boiler breaks down, they will be seen quickly, by a competent Gas Safe Registered engineer.

We understand that you may not always be prepared for that unexpected cost should your boiler need repaired but also do not want to be without heat or hot water while raising the funds, that is where the CHILL Gas Boiler Protection Plan comes in.

Our affordable plan gives you peace of mind that if your boiler does breakdown, a qualified engineer will get you back up and running quickly.

A Boiler Protection Plan, also known as a Boiler Cover Plan, covers the cost of having your boiler fixed should it break, ensures it is fixed quickly and ensures your boiler is always in optimum condition through regular servicing.

Why do I need Boiler Cover?

If you own your own home, boiler cover is always a good idea to have in place to ensure that you don’t have an unwanted lump sum to pay out should your boiler breakdown. If you would like your boiler fixed quickly to make sure you are not without heating or hot water, then a boiler cover plan is a great idea.

To find out more about our Boiler Protection Plan why not call us on 02892 789258 or email

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