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Oil to Gas Conversions

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Would you like to have instant hot water at the press of a button?

Would you like more space in your home and garden by removing your oil tank, hot press, boiler and roof tank?

An oil to gas conversion allows you to do all of that.

With gas being more readily available across Northern Ireland now, many homeowners and landlords are choosing to switch from oil to gas.

We are specialists in oil to gas conversions and we know how to come in, get the job done and leave your property tidier, with more space after we are finished. 

At CHILL Gas, Oil to Gas Conversions are simple as we use your existing plumbing, leaving you with a safe, cheaper and more efficient system.

If you would like to find out how much an Oil to Gas Conversion would cost in your property, then get in touch. As gas is more energy efficient, it could actually save you money.

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