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Boiler Service

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Did you know we are specialist engineers in boiler service?

Whether you need a routine gas boiler service or oil boiler service we are able to visit your home or workplace at a time to suit you for a boiler repair or boiler breakdown.

Our specialist heating engineers have spent years training to ensure that they leave your gas boiler or oil boiler safe and secure - protecting your family’s safety at all times. 

We recommend regular boiler service to ensure your boiler continues to work at its optimum level but also to ensure your family’s safety. Regular boiler services allow us to catch problems when they are little or before they have even happened, meaning you save money & aren't left with no heat.

Ignoring your boiler service due date can be very dangerous and can mean you risk boiler malfunction, higher utility bills, safety problems from carbon monoxide leaks or even fatalities.

Ensure your boiler has a regular boiler service to keep your family safe.

So what do we do when we complete a gas boiler service or oil boiler service?

Check components to ensure they are in working order

Check controls to ensure they are working effectively

Ensure there is no corrosion

Look for damage to the boiler or its system

Check for leaks

You can be sure CHILL Gas are safe to complete your boiler service as we have the latest manufacturers guidance for all boiler types to ensure we find faults quickly and we are the chosen engineers for a range of boiler manufacturers - working for them directly!

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