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CHILL Gas announce OFTEC Registration

CHILL Gas are fully committed to ensuring the safety of our customers.

We recognise the importance of all engineers carrying out safe working practises and we are proud that our engineers achieve this standard on a daily basis. For this reason, we sought registration with OFTEC to be registered under the 'competent person scheme' in the heating sector.

To become registered, our engineers needed to undertake an approved training course and assessment to ensure they had the level of knowledge required to carry out work safely. Our company will now be regularly inspected by OFTEC as will our individual engineers to ensure we are maintaining our high standard across the company.

What does 'competent person' mean?

"A heating installer registered with OFTEC carries out their work in accordance with the building regulations and approved industry standards.

This means that a site inspection by a local council building control officer, or a private approved building inspector, is not required, saving you time and money.

OFTEC registered servicing businesses follow a set of procedures that are designed to ensure that all aspects of your heating system are checked and maintained in accordance with industry and manufacturers’ approved standards."

The benefits for you, our customer

Choosing an OFTEC registered business offers the peace of mind of knowing that any installation or maintenance work will be done by a competent technician who has been trained and inspected, rather than by someone who may be untrained and potentially incompetent.

Work that is self-certified benefits from OFTEC’s free workmanship warranty, which means you will avoid problems in the unlikely event that the work does not comply with the building regulations.

Employing an OFTEC registered business for the installation and maintenance of your heating equipment is the best way to ensure that your system will continue to run safely and efficiently.

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