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Meet Dale, our Apprentice Plumbing and Heating Engineer

This week is National Apprenticeship Week (7th – 13th February) so what way to better celebrate than to interview some of our apprentices to see how their role with CHILL Gas is helping them in their career goals.

Today we meet Dale. Dale started his apprenticeship with CHILL Gas a little older than other trainees. Since day one, Dale has engulfed himself in all things CHILL and Plumbing and Heating. We live his can do attitude, that he is always willing to try but most of all that he never stops learning. Dale combines his role in CHILL Gas with his apprenticeship in Belfast Metropolitan College.

Dale, why did you decide to apply for CHILL Gas?

I decided to try for CHILL Gas to train and become a Gas Engineer. Carl and Jenna were kind enough to give me that opportunity even though I am older than most trainees. Not one other company would give me this great opportunity for a good career.

What made you want to work in the Plumbing & Heating industry?

I decided to work in the plumbing and heating industry about two years ago now. I struggled to find somewhere that would accept me. I got influence from a family member to pursue this career and I’m glad I kept looking for the opportunity as it has been brilliant so far. I’m learning new skills from the whole team every day who knew I was capable of it. I just hadn’t been put to the test before. At CHILL Gas every day is a challenge and some days are tough but I wouldn’t change anything.

How does your work at CHILL Gas help you in your apprenticeship?

At CHILL Gas, we do every job in the trade imaginable. You learn something new every day! So far I feel like I’m doing great. I constantly ask questions about jobs I am unsure of and get the answers back to do the job correctly. I believe I will be a great Plumbing and Heating engineer thanks to CHILL Gas.

If you could give any apprentice starting out some advice, what would it be?

Take notes, follow instructions, ask questions and build up your tools as quickly as you can to grow in your traineeship but most of all, enjoy it!

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